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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2016-06-27 16:07:39

Zhujiang Brewery released social responsibility for the seventh time

  On June 26, 2016 China Industrial Enterprise Social Responsibility Report Release Conference was grandly held in Beijing National Convention Center. Zhujiang Brewery attended and solemnly released its social responsibility report, demonstrating to the public its measures and achievements it took in 2015 to infuse its sense of responsibility into enterprise’s decisions and operation.

  In 2015, Zhujiang Brewery advocated green and intelligent development. First, in-depth innovations were made in production management and energy mode. To build green and energy-saving enterprise, it took industry benchmarks as its goal and strove to develop recycling economy. For instance, Hunan Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd is an all-round environmental-friendly plant by replacing coal-fired boiler with natural gas-fired boiler, achieving a maximum emission reduction of 75%. Guangxi Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd installed solar photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roof, generating 2 million KWH, saving over 1100 tons standard coals and reduced the emission of 3100 tons carbon dioxide. Thermal power plant in Guangzhou stop production. Instead, it adopted central heat supplying, promoting the harmonious and sustainable development between enterprise and the society.

  Second, the first intelligent stereoscopic warehouse in China’s beer industry was introduced in Nansha Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd, allowing information connectivity and quality and efficiency advancement among enterprise and upstream and downstream industry chain. Warehouse space utilization rate quadrupled. As it realized the fully automatic mechanical operation of materials’ entry, preserve and delivery, the overall operation efficiency improved 50% and operation costs decrease by over 32%. Every bottle or can of beer has a scan code or “identity card” so that product information will pop up after scanning the code in all circulation links from production to sales channel. Consumers’ preference for a certain product and purchasing habits can be analyzed based on big data, providing favorable conditions for O2O operation. 
Last but not the least, Zhujiang Brewery supports social welfare activities including poverty eradication, charity, voluntary services, etc. It also supports sport development, and shares fruits with interested parties like shareholders, employees, consumers, partners, and communities.