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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2016-06-03 16:28:11

Zhujiang Brewery excellent in Guangdong new round of poverty relief and development course

  Recently, Zhujiang Brewery has been awarded excellent enterprise of Guangdong 2013-2015

new round of poverty relief and development course. It united the Party committee, labor

union, the Communist Youth League of all departments to carry out poverty relief activities

in rural areas, encouraging the enterprise and the society to collect and raise money and

employees to donate money.


  Since 2013, Zhujiang Brewery has invested 4.1 million yuan in three counterpart-assistant

poor village and brought 30 million yuan from the society and industry to help them in the

perspective of livelihood, education, housing and collective economy. For example, water

tower and tap water network were built. Roads were strengthened. Dilapidated housings

were transformed. Scholarships were set and given. Livestock farms,orchards,factories were


  Through three-year hard work, the infrastructure of three poor villages has been tremendously

improved as well as the appearance and image of villages. The collective income of the whole

village has increased, surpassing 130,000 yuan per year. And the average individual income of

low income family raise from 3,000 yuan per year to over 13,000 yuan per year. The efforts to

eradicating the poverty had been proved effective, successfully reaching the stated goal of the

poverty relief and fulfilling the task of poverty eradication and development.