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Source:Executive office Author:Zhang Meirong 2015-01-06 17:48:29

Pearl River Brewery’s effort in social and public welfare

  To shoulder the social enterprise responsibility and establish a good enterprise image, Pearl River 

Brewery Group has been engaged in social and public welfare undertakings. 

  Currently, the group determined to offer 70,000 yuan to aid the project of “Volunteer service in

Canton Fair” to suppport Guangzhou volunteer services and career development of young people. 

The money would go to Guangzhou migrant worker volunteer film projection team from Guangzhou 

Youth Cultural Palace and Zhao Guangjun life hotline association. Actually, the migrant worker volunteer 

film projection team funded by Pearl River Brewery won the Bronze Cup in 2013.

  Pearl River Brewery will continue to fulfill its social responsibility this year. Specifically, it will take 

Zhujiang-InBev International beer musuem as charity base, allowing people brough by social public

welfare institutions to visit the musuem for free.