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Source:Executive Office 2019-11-22 14:38:42

Fist Product: Pearl River Draft Beer upgraded and won a bronze metal in Brussels Beer Challenging Contest

With inheritance from traditional beer brewing techniques and technological innovations, Pearl River Brewery adopted a series of innovative techniques as membrane filtration in low temperature, energy of yeast boosting, and hop’s aroma control to upgrade its fist product-Pearl River Draft Beer which was first introduced and put into China’s market in 1997.

Since its appearance on the market, Pearl River Draft Beer has made a great success due to its high quality and fresh taste. Recently, it won a bronze metal in Brussels Beer Challenging Contest, standing out from the fierce competition from over 1650 products sent by 20 countries. The Panel of judges formed by 90 international recognized beer experts from 27 countries made a meticulous examinations of beer from its brewing techniques, outlook, aroma,and flavor.
      Its success demonstrates Pearl River Brewery’s strength in self-independent innovation driven by its annual investment  in R&D of over 160 million RMB.