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Source:Executive Office 2019-04-08 14:34:35

Pearl River Brewery accelerates in cultivating new high-tech enterprises

Guided by Guangzhou’s role in building Guangdong-HongKong-Macau Great Bay International sci-tech innovation center, Pearl River Brewery accelerates in complex of new high-tech enterprises. In 2019, nine of its subordinate companies have been acknowledged as new high-tech enterprises.
       Pearl River Brewery adopted specific policy for each enterprise by making new high-tech enterprise cultivation plan based on each enterprise’s characteristics so as to enhance guidance in project approval and patents mining. In this way, all subordinate enterprises can share resources in research and develop, enjoying a coordinated and balanced development in innovation.
       In addition, Pearl River Brewery improves its mechanism and methods in technology innovation results evaluation and reward.Over 100 Scientific projects, patents, and essays have been awarded. Employees have been awarded as Innovative talents in Guangzhou Industrial Development, excellent craftsman etc. 7 technician workshops have been established, 3 of which have been awarded as provincial and municipal innovative workshop.
Moreover, Pearl River Brewery carried out university-industry-research cooperation with China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries and Munich University of Science and Engineering, making a lot breakthroughs in beer brewing techniques.
      Based on its accumulative innovative resources, Pearl River Brewery gains great advantages in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Many products brewed by Pearl River have been recognized by experts and consumers. For example, Pearl River Draft Beer has been rewarded as the most welcomed products in Guangdong.