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Source:Executive Office of GM Author:Marina Zhang 2018-03-30 10:52:50

Pearl River Brewery made the first “cloud order”

At present, Pearl River Brewery made the first “cloud order”,realizing all the procedures operated online, which is a big step for traditional manufacture.

Pearl River Brewery reached O2O strategic cooperation with Aliyun whose new retail middle platform technologies help Pearl River Brewery have a deepen integration with internet, big data, artificial intelligence, enabling it to become China’s new retail model in China’s food industry.    The online order management system allows the brewery to supervise the entire order processing and check trade information in real time, speeding up the operation proficiency between the brewery and its customers.     Pearl River Brewery guided by the transformation and upgrade requirement aims to build a eco-value chain based on intelligence. Later on, it will focus on the operation of all systems in O2O program.