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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2017-11-24 15:12:00

Zhujiang Brewery joints hands with Alibaba Cloud to promote new smart manufacturing based on new retail

    On November 22nd when 2017 Guangdong Computing Conference is held, Zhujiang brewery announces a strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud. Based on the latter’s concept of new retail and new technology of middle platform, the former will push forwards in-depth integration of internet, big data, artificial intelligence and beer industry, together building a new retail model in China beer and food industry.

Wang Zhibin(on the right) addresses in the Computing Conference

    Zhujiang brewery will launch an all-round digital upgrade and reconstitution of elements along the whole transaction chain including people, commodity, and place, thus gathering them to a in-time cloud platform from which the high-level department is able to make intelligent adjustments and decisions.
    As the first brewery in China to implement  ERP system, Zhujiang brewery has a solid foundation in information and internet. In recent year, Zhujiang Brewery has been promoting “one bottle with one barcode” broadly by making use of internet techniques, creating an entrance for products connecting to internet. It helps enterprises to trace to the source of goods and get accurate information about the place where goods are supplied for. Therefore, it forms more interactions among enterprises, consumers, and partners in various ways.
    Wang Zhibin said, the general manager of Zhujiang brewery, “Zhujiang brewery’s solid manufacturing strength and well-established off-line sales network can bring Alibaba Cloud’s advantages in new retail into a full play. Meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud’s exquisite internet techniques and platform service experiences serves as strong backup to Zhujiang brewery’s transformation for traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing. This cooperation will witness the born of smart marketing system in the combination of traditional industry and modern technology.