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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2017-12-08 15:05:29

Xinhuanet: Wang Zhibin attends the Media interviews of Fortune Global Forum 2017 Guangzhou

    Fortune Global Forum 2017 Guangzhou themed at “openness and innovation: shaping the global economy” has its grand opening on December 6th. In this afternoon, the fifth round of press conference held by the News Center has invited three local entrepreneurs to have a discussion over “how is new technology push forwards global economic development”. Wang Zhibin, who is general manager of Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Co.Ltd, said, currently, technology has become the guiding force for economic development as new technology brings high-quality development.

Wang Zhibin(second from the right) attends the Media interviews of Fortune Global Forum 2017 Guangzhou

    “Scientific and technological innovation is a major driving force for the economic development of a country or an area”, he added, since the establishment of Zhujiang Brewery in 1985, it has been insisting in technology innovation through actively enhancing the technological corporation with institutions of higher learning and scientific research and well-known enterprises in European and American countries and achieved significant progress over past 30 years of development.
    According to his introduction, Zhujiang Brewery owns over 10 brewing enterprises, over 60% of which are high-tech enterprises.
    Wang Zhibin said, now we are stepping up intelligent transformation and upgrade. Not long ago, Zhujiang Brewery announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud who proposed a concept of new retail and new technology of middle platform. It triggers in-depth cross-border integration of internet, big data, artificial intelligence and beer industry, together building an organizational structure of new retail facing the future.
    “We endeavors to build smart factory, promoting intelligent manufacturing”, Wang Zhibin added, Zhujiang Brewery has build a new factory based on the standards of smart factory in Nansha District, a Free Trade Zone in Guangzhou, making a new stride in intelligent manufacturing and logistics.
Wang Zhibin expressed, Zhujiang Brewery will lay great emphasis on the IT applications during intelligent manufacturing and enhance international cooperation in the area of new technology to achieve high-quality and progressive development of Zhujiang Brewery.

Wang Zhibin receives interview from young reporters of the forum