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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2016-09-01 10:32:33

Nansha Zhujiang Brewery Saves 6.8 million KWH electricity every year

  When moving to Nansha District during the phase of “suppressing the second industry”,

Zhujiang Brewery made great efforts in promoting green development strategy by

implementing several energy-saving and environmental-friendly projects. Recently,

it has successfully passed the supervision of energy saving from Guangzhou Municipal

Development and Reform Commission.

  During the construction of Nansha Zhujiang Brewery, not only former clean production

management and recycling economy project are well preserved and improved, but also

new types of energy saving projects are introduced including photovoltaic power generation,

centralized heating, primary energy saving transformer, and motor power lifting.

  First, distributed photovoltaic power generation systems with 28,000 polycrystalline silicon

photovoltaic modules are installed on the roofs of factories and automatic warehouse, turning

solar power into electricity without any consumptions and emissions. Every year it saves

6.8 million KWH electricity. 90% of electricity generated by photovoltaic power are self supplied.

The price is 10% cheaper, annually saving 530,000 yuan.

  Second, coal-fired boilers are replaced by centralized heating through buying steam

from the outside, thus improving the utilization efficiency of energy by lowering the losses

from coal-fired heating and costs of equipment maintenance and technique upgrades.

  Third, transformers and motor power lifting projects is carried out. Nansha Zhujiang Brewery

plans to change 90 primary energy-saving dry-type transformers. It is estimated that

300 tons of standard coals can be saved after the completion of the project, equal to

50% of the annual total energy-saving goal.

  In the magazine China Beer Information, among 2015 National Top 10 Beer Breweries

with Largest Output in the first nine months Zhujiang Brewery was ranked the second

with an index of 40.59 kg standard coal/kl based on comprehensive energy consumption,

making remarkable achievements in energy saving and environment protection.