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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2016-06-28 16:00:00

Zhujiang Beer ignited Davos Guangzhou Night

  On June 27 when 2016 Summer Davos Forum was held, Guangzhou Night hosted by

Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government landed on the China’s port city Tianjin, showing the

cultural charm and economic achievements of China’s one-thousand-year business center. As the

representative beer brand in Guangzhou, Zhujiang Brewery became the only beer supplier of this

activity with Zhujiang Craft beer and Supra White beer which are fist products to win the national


  Over 300 government officers, corporate executives, celebrities attended to discuss cooperation

and plan development. Madam Liao Jianing, General manager of Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd

was invited and accepted interview. Zhujiang Brewery appreciated the theme “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

of Davos, and Madam Liao said, “it is my first time participating Davos Forum and Guangzhou night, and we have

learned a lot. The concept of clean energy and intelligence raised in the Forum meets with the development

idea of Zhujiang Brewery. Now, Zhujiang Brewery is undergoing transformation and upgrade. We has built the

first stereoscopic warehouse in China’s beer industry, diminishing the time of delivery to 15 minutes, and human

resources costs has decreased tremendously. As for clean production, Zhujiang Brewery turned the waste into

treasure by making use of biogas and afterheat generated in production to generate electricity and refrigerate

respectively, supplying 10% of the total electricity consumption for the headquarter. It became one of UN’s

Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) projects. The Forum has provide many new ideas to enterprises this time.

  As the forefront of reform and opening up, Guangzhou has always been dare to be the first and ranked at the

top of China. Located in Guangzhou, Zhujiang Brewery with the innovative spirit overcame difficulties and successfully

introduced the first bottle of draft beer in China, making it the leading enterprise in China draft beer industry and its

name known to the world. As the popularity of craft beer swept Europe, America, and Asia, Zhujiang Brewery in

advantage of techniques launched in-bottle second fermentation Supra White beer with active yeast and became

the pioneer among domestic craft beer brewers.

  Due to Zhujiang Brewery’s careful selection of raw materials, meticulous brewery, constant pursuit of premium

quality and best flavor, Zhujiang draft beer and Supra white beer has gained popularity among guests. As one of

the role models in Guangzhou Industrial transformation and enterprise upgrade, Zhujiang Brewery accelerates its

course of internationalism through the platform of Davos Forum by combining Lingnan Culture with beer culture

and goes abroad to bring more products to customers around the world.