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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2016-05-23 14:27:11

Zhujiang Brewery supports the development of China's physical culture

  Zhujiang Brewery has been chased basketball dream for consecutive 9 years. The passionately

competing and unremittingly fighting spirit of basketball game coincides with the idea of health,

vigor and combatant advocated by Zhujiang Brewery.

  As the only sponsor in beer industry for China National Basketball Team since 2007, Zhujiang

Brewery determines to advance the basketball course of China. It successively held thousands

of basketball games including “Zhujiang Beer Dunk and Drink” series of basketball game,

Guangdong Provincial Men’s Basketball League, “Zhujiang Zero Degree Fight Hard” Community

Basketball Carnival. In 2015, it signed a contract with Yi Jianlian, China’s basketball star, to be

the spokesman, attracting more youngsters to watch and participated in basketball game,

thus pushing forward the development of China’s Basketball course.

  The Year of 2016 is the year of sports, and also the “first brand construction” theme year.

At the beginning the China-Australia International Men’s Basketball Competition, Zhujiang

Brewery signed a contract with China’s National Basketball Team as the sponsor for the ninth

time, together with the team to fight in Rio de Janeiro and also took this as an important

starting point to carry out a series of sport games. 

  On May 5, 2016 Guangzhou Basketball Carnival sponsored by Zhujiang Brewery had its grand

opening. It provided wonderful song and dance performances and creative prize-giving activities

attracting a great number of citizens to take part in. 

  On May 8, Zhujiang Brewery held Guangzhou Basketball Championship among colleges and

universities with a participation of 16 teams representing Sun Yat-sen University, South China

University of Technology, Ji’nan University, South China Normal University etc., encouraging

youngsters to work hard and play hard. It offers sports fans a stage to show strength, vigor and youth. 

  As the most influential regional basketball game,  “Zhujiang Beer Guangdong Provincial Men’s

Basketball League” began on May 20 after intense competition last year. The number of contesting

district increases from 15 to 18. 336 basketball players will engage in fierce battle and fight for the

winner until September 24, demonstrating the brand spirit of unremitting combatant.

  Besides, Zhujiang Brewery will sponsor and hold Zhujiang Beer Cheerleader Championship, Europe

Cup High up and Olympics High up, spreading sports spirit of youth, vigor and combatant and

interpreting the brand value of Zhujiang Brewery,thus pushing the development of China sports

course by attracting more people to participate in sports.