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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2016-05-30 16:40:37

Zhujiang Party Pier inherits corporate culture and become new landmark of Guangzhou

    Zhujiang Party Pier was established in 2010 on the basis of beer culture. It was honored

one of Top 10 tourism destination in Haizhu District and won both good economic efficiency

and social reputation in 2012. It held over 100 large-scale activities such as concerts,

exhibitions, gourmet festivals, beer festivals in 2014, making it an important platform for

Zhujiang Brewery to promote its brand and significantly expanding the influence of Zhujiang

brewery’s brand. It was also won the title of National AAA Level Scenic Spot. In 2015,

Guangzhou streetcar was put into operation and set a station in Party Pier, facilitating

citizens and tourists’ visit to Party Pier. 

    In 2016, over 30 commercial tenants including restaurants, bars, night clubs, book bars,

galleries, 9D movie car, simulate rain art space etc.moved in, and DTZ, world renown real

estate service provider, was invited to manage Party Pier which is upgraded in an all-round

way. It is blessed with charming scenery along the river bank and well-preserved industrial

elements, making it a commercial complex and interactive platform of music, art, gourmet,

fashion, working, tourism that can not be replicated. 

    In the future, adhering to international standards, Zhujiang Brewery will develop the

headquarter and Party Pier in a worldwide view, creatively injecting new energy to the

development of the enterprise, building Party Pier into a stage on which the image of the

enterprise can be shown, and a screen through which the world view Guangzhou and an

emerging industry combined recreation, sight-viewing, creative culture and headquarter economy.