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Source:Executive Office Author:Marina Zhang 2016-06-01 16:05:51

The first automatic stereoscopic warehouse in China’s beer industry built by Zhujiang Brewery

    Zhujiang Brewery starts the new engine of transforming and upgrading - automatic stereoscopic

warehouse which combines modern storage technology and informatization, finishing the all-round

transformation of traditional logistics and realizing standard operation, simplified procedures, real-time

information and equipment automation of logistics. It improves the efficiency and service of the

overall logistics and push Zhujiang Brewery’s logistics standardization to a new level.
    The first automatic stereoscopic warehouse in China’s beer industry
    Zhujiang Brewery’s automatic stereoscopic warehouse is composed of information automation

management system, stacker, monorail trolley, shelf and goods transporting devices. Inside the

warehouse unmanned operation is realized and vast and complicated information is highly integrated

and can be processed, enabling automatic selection of multiple types and batches of beer and

making intellectual logistics come true.
    The utilization rate of space quadruples by making use of vertical space
    The warehouse of 10-storey height covers an area of 13,000 square meters and offers 40,000

standardized goods allocation by making full use of vertical space. Its storage capacity is equivalent

to that of plane warehouse with an area of 55,000 square meters, making the utilization rate of

space quadruple.
    The goods delivery rate increases by 10 times due to automation of equipment
    The peak ex-warehouse reaches 225 stacks per hour, and in-warehouse 230 stacks per hour.

Its selection function effectively shorten the walking distance of operating personnel.For instance,

it usually takes 4 hours from customers placing an order and goods delivered from the warehouse.

Now all procedures can be finished within only 15 minutes.
    Industry logistics network is built by uploading logistics information online
    The supplying data of raw materials can be tracked by adopting bar code technology which

can be used in production line, plate, goods allocation etc. All information about delivery can

be connected as products tracking, anti-counterfeit system and logistics management system

are interlinked, therefore, where products have been delivered is transparent. In any link of

the market you can use mobile phone to scan the two-dimension code to know about all the

information of products, including where it ends.
    The standardization of industry logistics is realized
The stereoscopic warehouse has unified standards for plate used for transportation. Stimulated by

policies, Zhujiang brewery encourages upstream and downstream suppliers and distributors to invest

in plates, forklift, warehouse which meet the requirements, hence bringing the impact of standardization

from the internal to the whole logistics network. At present, the transportation capacity of Zhujiang

beer on plate raises from 20% in 2013 to nowadays 39%. Through standardized plate operation model,

the time to load and unload products shortens from 2 hours to 30 minutes. Customer’s cargo turnover

time in Guangzhou increase from 1 time per day to 2 times per day.

    As one of national standardized logistics project supported by the Commerce Department of PRC,

Zhujiang Brewery’s stereoscopic warehouse project promotes the development of industry chain and

the transformation and upgrading of equipment and achieves the information interconnectivity between

the corporate and upstream and downstream industry, improving the efficiency and performance.