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Author:Admin 2011-06-10 14:06:40

Beer Museums


Being a significant highlight of cultural cooperation between Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Group Co., and InBev, S.A, the largest brewer world-wide, Zhujiang-InBev International Beer Museum (hereinafter referred to as The Museum) is located only inside the brewery area on the landscaping south bank of Pearl River with Pazhou International Convention & Exhibition Center to the east, the luxury apartment and newly-built highest TV Sightseeing Tower in Asia to the west, facing to the renowned CBD of Zhujiang New City across the river thus it is of great advantageous geographical positions, formulating an important cultural artificial landscape that has integrated with catering, recreation, leisure and cultural activities.

Orientating to the characteristics of international openness, the Museum shall, by means of rich knowledge of beer-making and vivid exhibition methods, uninterruptedly unveil the wonderland of beer cultures with the history of 5000 years world-wide and the longstanding Chinese alcoholic beverage, revealing the colorful beer cultures and the glorious images of the enterprise, embodying the boldness and bravery of Zhujiang as a forerunner under the background of Lingnan Cultures so that tourists shall share a complete new visual experience of fashion and openness.
Inside the Museum, tourists are likely to understand the splendors of world-wide beer cultures by means of picturesque scenes, interactive games, colorful exhibits,etc. visit the garden-like workshops with the world first-level equipment and the technology through the skywalks where tourists could feel themselves how premium beer is brewed.
Besides, the Museum is also equipped with a 1800-square-meter classical-styled beer bar where tourists shall enjoy themselves with freshest Zhujiang Beer and special foods concerned with beer.
At present, the preparation of the Zhujiang-Inbev International Beer Museum is nearly completed and shall be opened to the public the first half of next year.